Mother’s Worst Nightmare


Tonight I received the phone call that every mother fears the most.

The kids and your mom have been in an accident.

Stopped at a stop sign, innocent bystanders, they were impacted as two vehicles who had been involved in a collision swerved and hit them in the front.

Glass from the other cars shattered all over mom’s windshield, raining down just a small sheet of glass away from my teen’s gorgeous face.

In the words of my three year old: ice fell all over us.

Mom is administering first aid as my two are frozen in shock. At just that moment, their aunt just happens to drive by and see the accident and stop. Thank God she was there to console my teen, who saw too much blood tonight.

Three left the scene in an ambulance.

So thankful that my babies and my mom weren’t in an ambulance tonight.

Reminded once again of the fragility and abruptness of life. Thankful for the breath in their lungs and the hearts in their chests. Thankful for another chance to hug and give love and receive it too.



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