Hi, I’m Jenn. Thanks for stopping by! I am a wife to the Teacher and mom to the Teen, the Boy and the Fairy. Have been a temporary mom to many others, who have since moved on. Parenting a dozen kids over the past five years has given me some interesting insight into the world of parenting. I hope you’ll stick around!

I’m into all things adoption, laughter and peace. I’m trying to find my way through questions of faith, self and meaning. I desire to create a culture of acceptance and love in our home.

I’m not crafty. I’m not a particularly good cook. I have holes in my clothes and sometimes I wear them even though they’re dirty. My kids wear their clothes backwards about half of the time and I’m cool with that because that’s how we roll. (Oh, and about five minutes after that picture up there was taken I was puked on and had to ride home from the photoshoot covered in vomit.)

Wherever you are in life, you are welcome here. We are all on this journey together and I’d love to hear your story!


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