Breaking up with Facebook


It’s not you, Facebook. It’s me. Really.

Facebook and I had a love/hate relationship for a long time. A REALLY long time. I joined Facebook back in the days when it was college kids only, a cool way to keep up with high school buddies.

Then I became a mom. And I became addicted to Facebook.

I found myself scrolling through my news feed day in and day out, searching for…what? I’m not sure, really.

I mean, I loved seeing pictures of my first grade B.F.F’s new gansta boyfriend and seeing my brother’s friend’s cousin’s new tat.

But really when I was honest with myself, Facebook was an escape. It was a place I ran to when my life felt too hard, when there were too many dishes to wash, when my kids were driving me nuts. It was a place to go and be brainless and not think about the things that were in front of me.

Facebook left me empty. It left me feeling like a second class mom when I saw my old friends looking so hot in their skinny jeans. It made me feel like a second class wife when I saw so and so’s Valentine’s present for her new man.

The breaking point for me was when I found myself taking pictures of my children, not so that I could enjoy them and remember a moment, but because I thought it would be awesome to share it on Facebook. Because I could show the world that my life could look perfect too.

And that was when I had to go. It was hard breaking up, really. I miss hearing about friends’ new babies or marriages or jobs. But it has given me so much freedom to be me. I can be ME and not have to worry if someone else is a better mom or wife or anything that I want to be.

Letting go has opened up space in my life and my head to invest and enjoy my children in a new way. It has given me the freedom to enjoy a moment because it is a special moment, not because it is a moment I want the world to see.

Sorry, Facebook, but I had to go.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking up with Facebook

  1. Rebecca

    You know my friend and I were talking about this the other day. She said she had not realized how much she got on. She said it took the joy out of going out to catch up with friends sometimes bc you’d already seen what they did all week on Facebook! So I m pulling back too. And you’re right. I do take a picture and share….mostly for the grandparents and Aunts to see….but it does in some way take away from the moment. Because in the hours after posting I start compulsively looking to see who has liked my post! I don’t think I will ever delete it completely….but I do want to start posting less of life.

    • Hey Rebecca! I know the feeling! Someone would tell me something that happened to them and I would already know it because of FB. It got a little awkward, actually! I tried cutting back first but didn’t have enough self control so I just had to end it completely.

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