The Secret to Raising Happy Kids



I feel like I’ve uncovered some incredible secret.

See, the last year has been a really rough one for our family. We had two miscarriages (one which involved complications and a hospital visit), my husband and daughter had a major illness that had them sick most of the summer, I contracted mono and hepatitis, which led to me being in the hospital for several days and in bed for several weeks. And we had 5 kids, 4 of them under the age of three, for the last half of the year (this wouldn’t have been so hard if I hadn’t been so sick).

Now I know many families have it so much worse than us, but the truth is that I was tired and grumpy. All I could think was, Can we just get a break, please?

I was walking around looking beat up, just waiting for the next catastrophe.

And then I saw it.

Our kids were carrying our burdens too. Our little ones were clingy and grumpy. Our teen started to really struggle with some heavy, heavy stuff.

Our kids are mirrors.

I hated seeing my children suffer because I was feeling burdened and beat down. So I started to laugh again.

It’s a little awkward at first, forcing yourself to laugh when inside you are really struggling. But after you do it a few times, it comes easily and it feels oh. so. good.

As I started to laugh, my kids started to be silly. My teen’s face softened and she came out of her room and she hugged again and she just felt better.

I know so many of us moms feel so burdened and stressed. There are bills to pay but not enough money. There is so much to do at work but not enough time.

But I just want to encourage all of us as moms to make an effort to laugh with our kids. Find something silly and laugh about it together. Turn on some music and dance crazy with them and then laugh. Spin around until you fall down and then laugh.

If you do, I hope you see what I’ve seen. My kids are happy again. And truthfully? So am I.


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