Loving our Kids on the Hard Days



So yesterday I was at the grocery store and I overheard a conversation between a father and son. The boy was picking out a drink and he asked his dad which one he should get. The father responded in a harsh, hateful tone and said, “I don’t care, boy. Your mother and I are trying to shop. Pick one and leave us alone.”

My heart broke for that boy.

I know all parents have moments like that, moments where life has knocked us down and we are tired and empty and have nothing to give. Those moments when the smallest question or comment from our child is enough to make us pop. I’ve done it far too many times.

But it is so different when you hear it from someone else and you see the look on someone else’s kid’s face.

Last night I was angry. I was hurting and empty and drained. I put my little ones in bed and they just kept asking for me to come and do this or that for them. They just wouldn’t settle. And I was ugly to them. I told them that I was done and I had had enough and that they needed to hush.

Normally when I put them in bed I touch their sweet faces and look in their eyes and tell them how precious they are. But last night I failed to show them love.

Being a parent is hard work. And it’s not just the financial strain or the time commitment or the homework or the driving them around everywhere.

Being a parent is hard because you just have to give and give and give. And when you think you’ve given everything you have, you realize that your kids still need more of you and you give some more.

I wish I would have stopped last night. I wish I would have appreciated my children for the beautiful people that they are. I wish I would have paused to tell them that they are special and important and precious to me.

I’m thankful that I get to try again today. I’m thankful that kids are like the most understanding and forgiving people on the planet. Because I know that when they come out here in a few minutes with their morning breath and crazy hair they are going to hug me and love me and we will get to try again. And today I know that I will screw something up and I know that they will still love me.

Some days it feels like being a mom is the hardest job in the world.

We are going to have a better day today.


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